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ADSA vs. Dialog controled navigation

Question asked by alexmc on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2013 by alexmc

A group of us have developed a series of new dialogs with one overriding ADSA module.  Our DBA has expressed concern that some of the dialogs are transferring to other dialogs by using explicit transfer commands (i.e. TRANSFER 'other dialog') and some are using ADSA (MOVE 'blahblah' to AGR-CURRENT-RESPONSE.  EXEC NEXT FUNCTION).  I would prefer that we use ADSA in order to not 'lose ourselves' in some of these transfers. We also have situations where dialog-A will LINK NOSAVE to dialog-B where both dialog-A and dialog-B have 'hot keys' to TRANSFER to Dialog-C (which can potentially TRANSFER back to dialog-A but not dialog-B).

Should we concern ourselves with this mix of TRANSFER 'protocols'?  Are there excessive system overhead issues with one type over the other?