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New to the R12 admin ui -- virtually unusable

Question asked by MikeButler on Dec 13, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2013 by MikeButler

We're near the end of a long R6 to R12 (SP3) migration and finally able to update the policy store and start using R12 only.  I seriously hope there's something wrong because we're finding that policy administration is nearly impossible with the new web UI.  We have a pretty big installation, I suppose, though it never made R6 breathe hard; but here's the worst example in our largest policy domain:  To add a rule to a policy, I navigate to modify the policy and click Add Rule.  It takes 3:30 -- that's 3 1/2 minutes -- every time I need to click that **** button.  It eventually comes back to the first page of a 28 page list of rules that is in random order with no way to sort on any column nor search the list.  (There's a widget above the list that LOOKS like it should search, but it returns nothing.)  So I have to page through and scan visually.  Finally, after adding the rule, I try to add a response to that rule...  I wait 1:30 for a 7-page list of response objects--again in random order with no sort or search.  A task that used to take 2 minutes now takes 20, and we have to do this a lot.  This CAN'T be the way it's supposed to work!  Help!  Thanks, gang.