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Gel Script

Question asked by PragyaT on Dec 13, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2013 by Dave

Hi All,

I want to update an attribute for all active projects. I create a gel script which will fetch active projects from DB and create XOG with value udpated.

I have configured the gel script in a process and tried to run the process. the process is getting executed successfully but it is not updating the value.

the same script worked once for top 100 & 500 records but for more than that it is not working. Also when i ran the process again for 100 or 500 records, it was not updating the values. it ran once only.

Herewith I have attached my Gel Script.

please help me to resolve the issue. let me know if Gel script has any limitation to update some number of records only.

Thanks in advance.