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Corporate  Training in India

Question asked by pratheek on Dec 14, 2013

Sun It Labs offers corporate training throughout the world. We serve all the software clients for their technology training needs. Our corporate trainers fly to client location and provide corporate classes training at client location. Basically  the training schedule would be Fast track full day training.  We will take care all the needs of your organization like latest version software installation and configuration. Train the corporate staff on new software introduced to the organization.  We have direct relationship with reputed MNC’s to train you as implementation or development partner

  • Client site full day training for group of 5-10 people
  • Client site skill enhancement program for new platforms implemented
  • Software installation and configuration services

Our trainers travel to client site on-demand. Our trainers stay near client site for over 7-10 days during the training period.


Contact  :
India :+91 903-092-8000 
USA : +1 973-963-8000
Email: info[at]sunitlabs[dot]com
web: sunitlabs[dot]com