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employmentType in Users Object

Question asked by sasi.venugopal on Dec 17, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 19, 2013 by Dave


We are on Clarity 13.1.

Is it possible to add a new attribute "employmentType" to the USER object?

We have this attribute as part of the RESOURCE object (highlighted):

<Resource externalId=" " username="-----" isActive="true" includeInDatamart="true" isExternal="false" resourceType="LABOR" employmentType="com_contracted_emp" resourceId="-----" hireDate="2013-11-27">


We do not have it in the USERS object :

<User externalId=" " userLanguage="English"  isLDAP="false" userLocale="en_US" userName="-----" userStatus="ACTIVE" userTimezone="America/New_York" uiThemeDefaultPartitionCode=" " userType="INTERNAL">  

Please advise.

Thank you,