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CA ControlMinder ssh/sssd w. ldap no homedir no access

Question asked by stoopid on Dec 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2014 by AaronArmagost

Hello community,

this is my first post so please be tolerant if something is missing. we are using ac (accesscontrol) almost everywhere in our company on aix, solaris, linux and windows. in general it's working as designed, but sometimes strange things happen. today we were facing problems with accessing through ssh on a linux server (rhel 6.3) with ac 12.55 (0921) installed. our configuration in short sssd + nis/ldap. loginappl in our case is configured to _not_ use pam, loginsequence configured to SUID,SGID just as the traces were showing. login for users with existing homedir works perfect, besides ladb is filled with all the users from our netgroups. the only problem we are facing right now, once ac is turned on users with no existing homedirectory cannot login. if i add the directory by hand, or turn off access control he can access.

sshd creates a coredump, which i've already sent to redhat, i just wanted to ask if someone had this kind of behaviour so far?