Nolio Official KB: How do I use the CLI ( Command Line Interface) Utility?

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Execute Process from the CLI Utility 
Nolio provides a Command-Line Interface (CLI) utility that enables 3rd party software, such as monitoring applications, to automatically execute the Nolio processes. The Nolio CLI is not part of the Nolio Server setup package and has to be installed separately on the servers which need to execute the Nolio processes.
Command line arguments
With the exception of the optional -s (servers) and -r (parameters) arguments, all arguments listed below are mandatory:
  • -u 'User Name'
  • -p 'Password'
  • -a 'Application Name'
  • -e 'Environment Name'
  • -f 'Process Name'
  • -s {ServerName1,ServerName2} - optional
  • -r {ServerName/ParameterName,ParameterValue} - optional
  • -r {ServerName/foldername/ParameterName,ParameterValue} - optional
  • -r {Application Parameters/ParameterName,ParameterValue} - optional
  • -n invokes, invokes asynchronous execution. In this case, Nolio CLI does not wait for the executed process to finish and the command prompt is immediately released.
Syntax Notes
  • Arguments can include blanks or spaces ONLY when the entire argument value is embedded with quotation marks.
  • A parameter must be specified together with the server it was defined for: servername/param-name.
The following example shows how a process is invoked by means of a script. The entire command is entered in a single line:
ExecutionRelay.cmd -u superuser -p suser -a MyApp -e NY_DC_South -f "Collect logs process" -s {dcnyapp1, dcnyapp2} -r "{dcnyapp2/Install Dir,c:/Program Files,dcnyapp2/Copy Dst,c:/Temp}"
 ExecutionRelay.cmd -u superuser -p suser -a MyApp -e NY_DC_South -f "install" -r "{Application Parameters/baseDir,c:/base}"
Querying process status
If the process was successfully created the process Process ID is returned in the form of a positive integer. If the process creation failed an Error Code is returned in the form of a negative integer. 
When the process fails and you get an error code (a negative integer), you can retrieve the error description by -g "".