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OWB Latency Issues

Question asked by James_Baltao on Dec 19, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 30, 2014 by James_Baltao

Hello everyone.  Our shop is currently on v12.0, in the early phases of migrating to v13 and are currently onboarding a new Business Unit that is heavily using OWB to track 300+ tasks with many external project dependencies within each project.   When these large task projects with many external dependencies save minimal changes back to Clarity, we are experiencing save times up to 20 minutes or more.  

Another strange symptom is that after 20 minutes, we manually close OWB, go into native Clarity and are able to see the updates successfully made to the WBS.  It appears as if OWB is succesfuly communicating with Clairty, Clarity makes the updates but fails to commuincate back to OWB that the changes were completed and to close the process. 

We've opened a ticket with CA Support, have been searching for potential solutions online and have been soliciting feedback from our Clartiy Admin peers in the commmunity.  So far, we've employed the OWB Registry update to increase java memory and upgraded to Java 6 on our application server but are still seeing exteneded save times.  Although we have two application servers with a load balancer, the load balancer has been ruled out as system logs show minimal traffic with all traffic being routed to Server A.

Have any of you experienced these symptoms?  If so, can you please share how you increased the save time speed?

Thanks and any help on this topic will be greatly appreciated!