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RE: CEM login failure using EEM Release:

Question asked by performance_guru on Dec 18, 2013
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is this still an issue with the new versions too? I used in the local authentication in the past (user/domain.xml etc), but recently installed EEM 12.0 on our MoM (running APM 9.5) and have been receiving exact same authentication errors that started this thread originally.

I have tow separate observations though.

Scenario 1 - realms.eem.xml modified to "realms.xml" with the host info updated. After putting this into the "config" directory, the enterprise manager service won't start.

Scenario 2 - realms.eem.xml renamed to realms.xml with no modification. EM services can now start and I can login to EEM as both global/application id. But I can't use admin or any other AD users to login to CEM/ Webview.

I have opened a case with CSO and been working them. it would be great, if you have noticed this at your end. Thank you.

- David