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DataSource Connection Pool keeps growing

Question asked by TDBecker on Dec 19, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2013 by TDBecker

Hi all,  let me start with the fact that I am running clarity in weblogic.  Everything was running fine until I upgrade to 13.2 (and added the PMO Accelerator/Solutions Pack) this past weekend.  Since bringing the application up, I have noticed a slow creep in the number of JDBC connections in the connection pool.  The connection continue to grow until they reach whatever I set as the maximum number of connection (currently 100).  In past versions, I never grew beyond 30.  (I have three app servers which all seem to experience this growth).

I've been watching the database connections in Oracle as I monitor in Weblogic.  I always expected Clarity to use the existing connection until it ran into limitations (which I have rarely seen in the past 9 years)

I'm not sure where to start attacking this problem.  I don't want to have a requirement to restart my application each day just to keep it from crashing.   Does anyone have any experience with this sort of architecture and situation?  Are there any guidelines on what is an expected size of the connection pool?  I'm kind of stuck looking over the same stuff.


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