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CA Wily Tools for Siteminder - Performance and Historical Monitoring

Discussion created by Alan Baugher Employee on Dec 23, 2013
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Hello All,

While on flight back from visiting clients, I was able to engage in a lengthy discussion of the benefits of CA APM and CA Wily tools for SiteMinder with a "captured" APM architect.

The benefits were powerful, but from a client/service vewpoint of effort for deployment for long-term or short term usage, was a question that I wanted to dive into deeper.

I wanted to explore how reasonable it was for a non-APM resource to deploy the function/feature set of CA APM/CA Wily tools for SM to assist with provided an addtional option to help resolve any performance or unknown root cause issue with CA SiteMinder; as well as understand the complete value the solution brings.   If you are aware of CA SM One-View; you can think of CA Wily as it's big brother with a large family (CA APM).    

I have updated an existing deck that outlines the "what" and "why" with a lab example of "how".

I used one image with both CA SMPS and CAWA with Apache.   This is not a typically deployment, but it is simplictic to setup for client training and/or development.


I have also enclosed notes with the architecture deployed used, any knowlege challenges and how they were addressed, as well as creating a sample startup script for all four (4) processes of CA Wily and it's CA APM centralized EM server.