Update base path from data protocol handler

Discussion created by madsm01 Employee on Dec 24, 2013
From: Avery, Ken

The base path is only relevant when Lisa is trying to decide which virtual service to forward a request to - which can come in handy if there are multiple services bound on the same port. This happens long before any DPH is executed, so even if you could change it there, it wouldn't make any difference. If, however, you want to change the operation name, this is possible in the DPH.

Ken Avery

From: <Kurukuri>, Vamsi M <<>>

Hi Akshay,

I am just using one DPH (I.e that is my custom DPH) , but I did not find any method on the DPH API to update the base path, the base is take care form Transport Protocol Handler I guess.

Do you think, there is a way to update the base path form DPH.

Thanks ,

From: <Rao>, Akshay V <<>>

If your DPH executes prior to any other DPH then (for HTTP services) the path will look something like "GET /name/of/path". You DPH can modify it at that point before you chain a SOAP or XML DPH later on.


Akshay V. Rao

From: <Kurukuri>, Vamsi M <<>>

Can anyone please tell me how to update the base path in the lisa request from a Data protocol handler.