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Write out the contents of a dataset array variable to file.

Question asked by Gold12345 on Jan 2, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2014 by Gold12345

I have a dataset configured with variables that are a single dimension array.
I want to write the whole contents of the array variables to a file.

I have enabled "File Contents As Array" within the "Write File" operator.
I can then write out individual indexed values as follows-


There are 100s of indexed values in my variable, so don't want to do this for all.
I've tried the following, but this results in error

results in-

results in the same line printed to the text file



If I don't enable "File Contents As Array" and enter the "File Contents" as -
, then the array is output to the file.

This still doesn't enable me to print more than 1 variable. I tried entering the "File Contents" as -

, but this only outputs the second variable.

Is the expected usage to use more than 1 "Write File" operator?