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XOG Project with parentObjectID

Question asked by juan.segovia on Jan 3, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2014 by juan.segovia

Hi, I was worndering If there is a way to XOG only 3 things from my projects from one environment and then add it to another.

I need to the get the project's name, code and objectID.

My final goal is this: I have a completly new and customized environment (reports, process, custom objects, everything) and I have another productive environment with another configuration that it will no longer be used.

The idea is to get those 3 attributes from the actual productive environment and then move it to the other "new" configuration. I need to keep the original objectID beacuse we need to get the filestore folder too with the documents included on those projects.

If what I'm thinking is wrong please let me know your ideas/best practice in order to change configuration keeping my investments. I was thinking about xogging content pack but the amount of customizations and the difference between my two configurations will leave my productive implementation full of "trash" like unused attributes, lookups, querys.

PS: I do not have any kind of financial transactions or ETC/ Timesheets submited. All I need is to get this configuration that populates on several subpages.