Calendar - Last / First / nth Workday of Week / Month / Year?

Discussion created by Juerg_Walther on Jan 7, 2014
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Is there a function in the PAM Calendar to define the Last / First / nth Workday of Week / Month / Year?

As Example:
August 1st (Friday in 2014) is public Holiday here in Switzerland.
Assume that normal Workdays are Monday throug Friday. And i defined an exclusion Calendar with all Swiss Holidays, including August 1st.
I would define a calendar to be active only on the first WORKDAY every Month.
Normally the calendar would be "active" on August 1st every year, but not in 2014 because it's a Friday and so the first Workday of the Month will be Monday, August 4th.

Any Ideas?

Kind Regards

Jürg (Juerg)