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Query on Storage of Request/Response

Question asked by SivasankaranNatarajan29 on Jan 7, 2014
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Could anyone please tell me where does LISA stores the information related to request/response? Does it stores the information in the DB? If so, could you please share the DB table details.

I'm specifically looking for a way to configure the responses based on the request id. For example, when the request hits LISA, I want to send a response only if the request id is not there in the DB otherwise i want to redirect to another step to process the request. I have modified the VSM flow like below one.

Listen -> Validate Request in DB using Req ID -> if No Req/Res is found in DB -> Go to Response Selection -> Respond -> Listen

                                                             else -> Send the Request to another Step for processing-> Delay the Response -> Send Response to another system using Raw Soap Request -> Listen

Since i cannot make the current request to wait due to timeout issues, im thinking of implementing the above flow.

By the way, we have configured an external DB for LISA virtualization.