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Sporadic application issue  for few users who are connecting to server

Question asked by speda on Jan 7, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 8, 2014 by Michael.Jain

Hi Everyone,

We are experiencing "System error. Contact system administrator" on clarity when ever request goes to perticular two server out of 4 application server. our clarity application is clustered environment and hosted on 4 app server. "System error. Contact system administrator" error is appearing when Users connected to clarity on the following pages

Example : o    Admin ->group o    Reports and jobs o    admin ->resources o    admin -> views 

can any one help on this 

Action taken till now :

1. restarted the background services - did not help

2. Restarted DB instance and DB listener - did not help

3. redeployed the ear file - did not help

Background: we are using clarity 12 version (Version/Build 1 003)


Sushree Kanta