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Alert if a metric does not deliver data

Question asked by StefanSiegl on Jan 8, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2014 by Stefan.Thieme


I would like to have an alert that turn red if the underlying metric does not deliver any data. The usecase is that we want to build a dashboard using Alerts that shows the connection state of all agents. If an agent (that should be there) is not connected, then the associated alerts should fire (and the nice red traffic light should be displayed).

Unfortunately alerts show grey if there is no data available. Even worse: If I then build up summary alerts for certain agent groups, alerts that did not have an underlying reporting metric are not taken into consideration. This leads to a situation in which the overall status of my Java Agents show "green" even though only 1 agent reports and the other 9 agents do not have the metric (greyed out).

Any ideas?

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