Event Log filtering for overruns

Discussion created by DavidM Employee on Jan 9, 2014

To find out which systems are getting polling overruns.

Find the overrun messages in the Event Log.
For example:
rttstats(Normal): Polling did not complete due to a polling cycle overrun

Now got to Console > Services > Polls > Logging Level: Normal (Verbose)

Next Console > Tools > Event Log > Edit > Set Filters
Now at each tab check only these items:
Severity & Ackn: Normal, Acknowledged, Unacknowledged
Type: Polling
Source: Polls
Message & Time check 'Match message' and enter rttstats(Normal):

Click OK and wait through the next cycle.
Then, File > Save > Filtered
Repeat this through the next several poll cycles and then compare to see if it is the same systems every time.