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Oracle Database Archive Files growing exponentially

Question asked by chrisflynn on Jan 9, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 14, 2014 by chrisflynn

We are having an issue with Clarity 13.0 being slow.  What we found out is the database archive logs are growing exponentially and filling up the drive and slowing down the system. We currently have a 70 Gigabyte drive for our Clarity database and it is running out of space.  The database itself is only a couple of Gigabytes in size.  This seems to have started recently and we have not done anything to the system that we are aware off.  We only use Auditing on the project object.  Not sure why these archive logs are getting so big all of a sudden.  The archive logs record transactions that are happening to the database so this should mostly be happening during the day.  The DBA is stating that these transactions are happening in the evenings as well as overnight.


Would anyone have any ideas of where to look to help solving this problem?