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CA Clarity PPM SQL Server Database Import

Question asked by twhite23 on Jan 10, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2015 by jleonerego


I am trying to create a new database for a fresh Clarity 13.2 install. I am a bit confused by some of the instructions, and figured maybe someone could assist me.

In the prerequisites for for the SQL Server configuaration, it says that a valid login for use by CA Clarity PPM should exist. Where does this login come from? Is this something that I created during the installation process with the using the .jar files? Is it something that is created in the CSA? Should the username be the same username and password I would use to access Clarity?

I believe my confusion about the user name and password for the database are the reason for my confusion on the last couple of step for the SQL Server Database Import:

5. Associate the imported database with your organization's SQL server security user by running the following pl/sql as the sa user:
USE niku
ALTER USER niku WITH LOGIN=<your security user>

6. Grant the VIEW SERVER STATE to the <your security user> user:
GRANT SERVER STATE to <your security user>

Who is the security user? Am I the security user? Is the security user based off the username and password associated with the previously mentioned prerequisite?

This is my first Clarity install, and I feel like I'm almost finished, but this database issue is throwing me way off. I believe I am making it more complicated than what it should be. Any guidance would be appreciated.