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Some of the Windows Management Connector Operators missing

Question asked by Juerg_Walther on Jan 13, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by npepe

Hi Community,

I found in the document starting on page 39 and 40 the "Windows Management Connector".
It looks like i have only few operators described on Pages 39-40. In the following list i marked the missing one in yellow, and operators with different name in green (PAM 4.1 SP1):

Active Directory Operators                         File System Management Operators
- Add Mailbox                                              - Compress File
- Add User To Group                                        - Compress Folder
- Create Group                                             - Copy File
- Create Organizational Unit                               - Copy Folder
- Create User Account                                      - Copy Multiple Files
- Delete AD Object (Create Objects)                        - Copy Multiple Folders
- Join Computer To Domain (Add Compute to Domain)          - Create File (Write File)
- List AD Objects (Get Objects)                            - Decompress File
- List All Users in Domain (Get User)                      - Decompress Folder
- List Domain Controllers (Get Domain Controller)          - Delete File
- List Dormant Users (Get Dormant Users)                   - Delete Folder
- Remove User from Group                                   - Get Disk Space
- Setup Share for User Account(Update User Home Directory) - Get File System Info
                                                           - List Files Folders (Get directory content)
                                                            - Rename File
                                                           - Rename Folder


Process Management Operators                       System Tools Operators
- Check Service Status                             - Check Connectivity
- Control Service                                  - Event Log Create Event
- Get Processes                                    - Event Log Get Attr
- Get Top Processes                                - Event Log Get List
- Kill Process by PID                              - Event Log Poll Events
- Modify Service Account                           - Event Log Purge
- Modify Startup Type                              - Get Available Memory
- Query Service                                    - List Logical Drive
                                                   - Map to Logical Drive
                                                   - ODBC Run Query
                                                   - Send Popup Message
                                                   - Unmap Logical Drive
                                                   - Update MOM Alert


Where are the "Yellow" Operators?


Jürg (Juerg)