Federation : SAML 2.0 Use case along with SSO?

Discussion created by sandeep.casm.lm on Jan 13, 2014
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I have this use case to resolve: would appreciate if i can get some thoughts on the inner workings of the siteminder / FSS

Use case:

1)Idp : ADFS solution with active directory as user store(Applications '1',' 2', '3' - all SSO'd)

2)SP: Siteminder Solution with Oracle Ldap as user store containing (Applications 'a','b','c' - all SSO'd with Siteminder "cookie provider" setting on application - 'a' which is the cookie provider)

Any concerns inorder to have the below achived:

Integrate both of these using SAML 2.0 Federation to have the idp talk to sp.

Sequence of the user activity:

1)user logs into the ADFS portal application '1' 

2)Clicks on the URL link to SP(App 'a') which initiates the SAML handshake of invoking "IDP initiated SSO" to target URL, protected by SAML 2.0 Authentication Scheme.

3)Now the question is ?

Can the user be still able to SSO into the application - 'b' and 'c' as the application to which the user was federated into (application 'a' - was not forms based authentication scheme.?

Will the SMSession cookie be created after the initial - SSO - (SAML)Federate into application 'a'.?