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NSQL Parameters via WSDL/SOAP?

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Oct 26, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2010 by Dave
Hi all.
I'm working on an Xcelsius connected to the WSDL of an existing NSQL Query with Parameters tied to lookups. In this example, OBS Filter Browse is linked to a param_rsrc_obs Parameter in my NSQL.
I'm not seeing Parameters coming through in my WSDL that I can send my values in on, the only thing I'm seeing in my WSDL are the Dimension Properties, Keys and Metrics.
- To all you Clarity SOAP pros, is this just the way it is? NSQL Parameters cannot be leveraged via SOAP?
- To all us Xcelsius newbies, does this mean we won't be able to use NSQL queries with Parameters?