Need help - Excel update to Clarity

Discussion created by marlon on Oct 26, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2010 by sachin.ghorpade
Hi - Have seen a few posts that partially answer, but I'd really appreciate an example of an Excel spreadsheet that uses macros or other connections to be able to retrieve data from Clarity, then allow the user to update data within Excel, and then PUSH that data back to Clarity.

I've been able to retrieve data using an Oracle 10g SQL connection, which allows me to join tables to retrieve the data for display, but it won't let me change the query to "Allow Editing", since editing of data and pushing back to Clarity isn't supported when there's multiple tables joined in the underlying query. I'm also comfortable with XOG concepts - but just don't know how to "tie" it all together.

Our resource managers want to be able to see a user-friendly 'join' of Resources assigned to Project tasks, with task start/finish dates, task status, etc. (so I basically need a join of PRTASK, PRTEAM, PRASSIGNMENT, ODF_CA_PROJECT, INV_INVESTMENTS, and SRM_RESOURCES), as I'd like to 'mask'/hide the internal id's -- but allow them to update/change Resources assigned on projects, as well as task start/finish dates, and then PUSH this back to Clarity.

Does anyone have an example of a working Excel spreadsheet that integrates (reads & writes) to Clarity? It would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks muchly,