Effective Support Meetings Speed Up Case Resolution

Discussion created by Hallett_German Employee on Jan 18, 2014

CA Tuesday Tip: Effective Support Meetings Speed Up Case Resolution

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Having a support meeting at certain points in an APM case lifecycle can impact positively case progress. A call is needed typically for three reasons:

* At the start of the case or when a new Engineer takes over a case to describe the problem, provide details about the environment, and review business impact. A case with one issue that is well defined allows Support Engineers to focus on the correct issue right from the start.

* If customer has a lot of questions on a particular topic and wants a more interactive response to supplement case notes.

* A break-fix situation exists and the issue needs to be worked through.

Successful call logistics can make or break a call. This includes:
* Scheduling the call
* Attending the call on time
* Getting comfortable to using Webex software and ensuring that it will work in your environment. If not, try to offer a fallback approach.
* Getting the appropriate people on the call to provide system access, make needed changes, and provide insights about the APM environment.
* Having an environment and authorization to make changes minimizing customer impact.

Guidelines on or after the call include the following:
* Provide the requested logs on or as soon as reasonably possible after the call to maintain case momentum.
* Focus on one issue per call. If time allows, additional issues can be reviewed or covered in a subsequent meeting.
* Be able to show and ideally reproduce the issue including what you are seeing and not seeing.
* Provide feedback if issue is resolved on the call and can be closed. Else offer input on next steps.
* Reviewing deliverables at the end of the call

Here are the discussion questions for this topic:
1. Do you have any suggestions for guidelines for successful support meetings?
2. Have you had any issues resolved by a support meeting? If so, what were some of the characteristics of the meeting that contributed to its success?
3. Are there any other topics along these same lines that you would like to be covered in future Tuesday Tips?