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RE: High Availability of CA Wily APM

Question asked by nkalw on Sep 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jan 21, 2014 by Hiko_Davis

Can anyone please help us on following queries?

Scenario : We have two active-active data centers. Our applications are hosted across two data centers. We have CA APM 9.5 suite (Introscope + CEM + ADA). We are thinking of placing two MoMs, one in each DC sharing common installation directory and SmartStor (SAN Storage). Also Postgres DB on separate box. Total 4 collectors = 2 in each DC will connect to primary MoM.

Now our customer wants to check performance, health and real user monitoring of their application in either cases:

1. If primary MoM goes down. - When Primary MoM goes down, secondary will take up automatically as they are sharing common files. But What about APM Database CEM ?
2. If collector goes down. - Load Balancing can be achieved. right ?
3. APM DB goes down. - We have CA Arc Server High Availability. Can we replicate Postgres DB to another box on real time using this tool ?
4. If one DC goes down. - How this can be achievable.?

Thanks in advance.