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Upgrading ControlMinder SAM r12.7 to r12.8

Question asked by hourigan on Jan 22, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2014 by hourigan

Hello everyone,

Is there any process to perform the upgrade to the 12.8 release ?

My situation is the following one :

- ENTM server : Windows server 2008 R2

- Database server : Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (64-bit)

- Database : Oracle 11g

- AD authentification


The 12.7 release was working fine.

To perform the installation of the 12.8, the third party and ENTM installer have been downloaded.

As the Java version of r12.8 (1.7) is different from r12.7 (1.6), the third party has been first installed.

Then the ENTM installer has been installed: as it was the same database, it asked for the Fipskey and the installation of the r12.8 has been successfully performed (understand no error message during the installation).

At the end, the server has rebooted and when it was accessible again, it was not possible to access to the web interface of ControlMinder (jboss error).

Using the idmmanage console, this error was occuring because Control Minder was not started but, in this console, another error occured: No public user.

In fact, the DC used by the ENTM (asked during the installation) does not seem to be saved.

I don't know if it's because I used the r12.7 Database with all the endpoints datas and r12.8 does not use the same DB structure or something else.


So for this reason, I want to know if there is any step-by-step procedure to perform this upgrade. smiley