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Wrong date format while running WebI report from Clarity

Question asked by GB_Pawel_Krystosiak on Jan 23, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2014 by Swathi_Excers

Dear All,

I have a custom WEBI report, which I deployed and configured to run from within Clarity. It has two parametes of the DATE type.

When running, I always set them to: param_start = 1st of April 2013, param_finish = 31st of March 2014 (always through the date picker - to avoid the formatting issues).

When I try to run it with the Clarity user Locale set to English(United Kingdom) it returns RPT-0007: Specified report did not execute properly.

From CMC, History reveals the error: The date for the prompt 'param_finish' is invalid. (WIS 10706)

Then, when I switch the user locale to English(United States) and re-run it - it executes fine!

Through CMC i can see that Clarity has passed date parameters to Business Objects differently for the two cases:

1) for English(United Kingdom), they were: 01/04/2013;31/03/2014

2) for English(United States), they were: 4/1/2013;3/31/2014

So, it seems like Clarity sends the same parameters differently for users with different Locale settings (by the way, browser settings have nothing to do with it - I double checked that). It is just Business Objects, which is not ready to get parameters in different date formats than US.


All Clarity users in my company have their locale set to English(United Kingdom).

I tried to play with different BO server settings (including Windows Regional settings, through CMC properties, Universe settings, WEBI document settings) but it only resulted in how the date values were displayed in the report itself, NOT what the expected date parameters format was.

Does anybody know how to deal with it? I would be extremely grateful!