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How to make Clarity V13.1 support UTF8 Format

Question asked by Syed_Moin on Jan 24, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2014 by another_martink
Hello All,
Problem ::
Users when  click on ASSIGN Tab for task assignment , are getting a 401 Error, where  they should ideally get a pop-up for resources available at the project and if they try repeatedly or a different task, they get redirected to the same page (page refresh and no pop-up). 
Cause ::
When Analysed we came to Know that the names (FirstName and LastName) of the resoources contains  special characters due to UTF8 format. Hence causing the issue.
Please let us know if there is a possibility of  making Clarity V13.1 to support UTF8 Format.
Thanks and Regards,
Syed Moin Inamdar