Generic User Id Tracer

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I posted the Generic User ID Tracer here: Generic User ID Tracer

Are you tired of these blank user name columns in you Transaction Traces?

The Generic UserId Tracer's purpose is to capture the username of the user executing a Web transaction and display it in the UserID column of the TT Viewer Dialog. Of course, you would only use this tracer when you can not capture the username from the various approaches available OOTB.

The main benefit of using this tracer is that one can provide queries (aka call-paths) such as "{{0}.getSession().getAttribute('user').getLoginId()}" without writing a single line of code.

Also, this tracer provides the notion of Multi-Query and Single-Query operation mode. Which one to use, depends on what you know about the query (call-path) to extract the username.

For example, If there is more than one way to extract the username (e.g. multiple web apps), or you are not sure which is the correct call-path to extract the username from the transaction, and you want to try/experiment various call-paths (i.e. username fishing), then you can use Multi-Query mode to achive this.
But if you know the exactly the call-path to extract the username, then it is recommended to use the Single-Query mode.

You will find a screenshot and more information in the readme in the zip file.

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