SOAP Web Services Addon

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I just posted the SOAP Web Services Addon in the community documents.

This fieldpack adds support for many of the most popular SOAP stacks

If your application is using Web Services but you can't see these in the Investigator, install this extension, and chances are the magic will happen

Prerequisite: Introscope 9.1 Agent running in new mode. The webservices extension must be already configured in your Java Agent.

Install: Unzip this extension at the root of your Agent install. Simply add WebServiceAddOn.pbl to your IntroscopeAgent.profile introscope.autoprobe.directivesFile property.
There's a separate toggles file for easy access.

Supported SOAP stacks:
Axis 2
Spring Web Services

This is a field development. It has not undergone any sort of rigorous QA process and is not supported by CA. Use at your own risks.