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% Allocation VS Allocation

Question asked by nmanoha on Jan 29, 2014
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We've built a mechanism which clears out the % Allocation and ETCs for Inactive projects.

In the query, we're fetching those inactive projects for which:

(prteam.prallocsum > 0 OR prassignment.prestsum > 0)

The catch is, there are a few resources who have a value in the % Allocation field, but their corresponding Allocation value is zero. The query is skipping these records.

Since % Alloc is a virtual field and can be seen in the Project XOG's 'defaultAllocation', is there a way to use this xml attribute in the query and fetch only those Resources for who the defaultAllocation is greater than 0?

For example:  ${defaultAllocation} > 0

Any thoughts on this will be appreciated on this one!