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APM-CAPC Integration

Question asked by madhu1512 on Jan 29, 2014
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As any one integrated APM with CAPC 2.x?

we added APM as datasource in CAPC and when we are trying to launch the APM dashboard, the data rendering is taking longer time( >2 mins)  and some times we are seeing the following errors in PCservice log in CAPC.

ERROR | qtp161113152-281   | 2014-01-29 16:11:48,715 |
      | RIB query failed
          Model ID/Type: {56001/RIBHorizontalTimeBarChartModel}
          Result status: {TIMEOUT}
          Query ID: {2f1a2e79-5eae-43c5-b230-e2a857ed7603}
          RIB source URL: {http://localhost:8082/apm-capc-integration/services/IntegrationWS}
          Query: {SELECT .appN, .metricValues FROM CA.APM.appTable WHERE .startTime > 1391026140 AND .endTime < 1391029740 ORDERBY .appN ASC}
          Reason: {<null>}

is any one able to query the apm data sucessfully without any issue ( < 1min or in secs)?