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Attribute URL - error when open a link

Question asked by DaniPerez on Jan 30, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2014 by DaniPerez

I need to store links to external webs in a Clarity field and I am seeing a wrong behaviour for URL attributes. I suppose that it is a defect/bug (perhaps only in v13.2) but I would like to ensure about it.

Is anyone aware of it? Can you confirm that it is happening in your environment version also?


from a object List view or  a Portlet grid:

for any type of address stored in a  field:

if you place pointer over any link it displays "javascript:openWindowActionUrl('page','xxxxxxx',''); after click,  Error: openWindowActionUrl is not defined


However if you edit field online, and before to save you place pointer over link such as

it displays "" after click it open OK

  • nu#action:npt.portletList  

it displays "" after click it open OK


from a object edit view:

Address:   OK

Address:   error 404 (attempt to open

Address: nu#action:npt.portletList   OK (opens


It seems that javascript function openWindowActionUrl() is missing in javascript include files.

thanks for your time,