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Fetching CA Service Desk Status to update PAM Process

Question asked by tremo01 Employee on Feb 4, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2016 by j.barger

I have created a Process of single level Hierarchy . Below are the steps which Included into the process

1. When a Request loggged from the CA Service Desk with category, then IT PAM Process will be initiated. As IT PAM Process is linked with Request category

2." Select Object" Operator will fetch the request id, requested by, status information from ca service desk and after that Assignee wil be set

3. Once assignee will be set there is a task which needs to be fulfill by Manage

4. Manager has 3 options which Include A) Approve B) Reject C) More Information required

5. Upon "More information required" the process link to status update

Now my question is that what operator and parameters I have to pass so that when Process in on status "Awaiting End User Response" updated by PAM, then once End User change status from CA Service Desk and CA Service Desk status now changed to say " Back from End User". At this point how PAM status will be updated ?

I hope my qustion will be clear.

I am enclosing the snapshot of PAM Process. the are under red mark need to be push for fetching status from CA Service Desk 


Looking forward for your urgent response