Crystal Reports Chart Legend Label Mismatch

Discussion created by Plidian on Feb 10, 2014
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Hello Group,

I've got a problem with a chart I've made in crystal reports that is downright peciular. A little background: I'm using Cyrstal reports 2008 Sp5 (12.5) As my report writing software. I've written a fairly straight forward query that retrieves the values of actuals, budget plan and cost plan values by month. I've fed that query into a custom command.

The command returns a month value and then 2 separate values for each month




20213 51166
Feb 80483 54318.5
Mar 87331 65176
May 92941 108225
Jun 17273 99839
Jul 20789 83585
Aug 18350 104791
Sep 14354 115590
Oct 5439 152871
Nov 13456 23456
Dec 87431 56321


 Something like that, When I have Crystal create the graph, I tell it to use the Line Type, for data I told it to show the values and change on the date value.

Then I went into the preview of the chart and changed the legend labels and the axis labels.

So it looks like this

However when I run the report in Clarity It reverts all the labels.

I've seen a couple of online articles that indicate I should modify the labels in the preview mode and then back in the regular mode right click and select something about "apply to all" Unfortunately I simply don't have anything like that on my right click menu so I'm at a loss.

Does Anyone have any experience with this?