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WebServers customized metrics

Question asked by fmesilva on Feb 11, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Hiko_Davis

Hi... So, I was reading the PowerPack documentation and saw the part that said "Perform the following steps only if you have Apache or Apache-based web servers and have customized the metrics, that is, changed the metric name or metric units for those web servers". So it got me thinking about metric customization. Now I have a few questions:

1 - How does it work the metric customization? Like, the part that says "changed the metric name or metric units"... How can I do that?

2 - Is it possible to create new metrics for the PowerPack analisys? I saw an answer from hdavis that said that "The Web Server agent only provides metrics related to performance and nothing related to the business portion", but, if it's possible to enable custimized metrics on the "ApacheCustomMetrics.xml" file, isn't it possible to create a new one? Or change the parameters that Introscope is monitoring?

The case is that I have an Apache WebServer that has multiple VirtualHosts and the information I get from the "Requests per Interval" is giving the full information about the apache server not the VirtualHosts I have configured. I just needed something link the hitcount per IP address or something like that.

CAN anyone help me with this? Perhaps the CA solutions isn't capable of doing this and we better look for another monitoring system...