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Project level Costs vs Financial Plan

Question asked by Roberto Barra - Ágila on Feb 12, 2014
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I'm studying how to make Earned Value work on Clarity, and I noticed that Clarity holds two different sets of cost for a project:


1) Costs from financial plans (simple or detailed plans), where we have planned costs, budget costs and planned benefits as well.


2) Costs derived from assignments through rate matrixes. This costs seems to be stored together with other schedule stuff when a project is baselined (not sure of that yet!).


According to what I read, only assigment costs are used on Earned Value calculations.


Clarity provides a way to generate Financial Plans from assignment costs, but there's no way to do the reverse (that was expected...).


If all this is correct, then, the doubts:



- Is there a way to calculate Earned Value from planned / budget cost (only on the project level)?


- Earned Value work ok with resources types other than Labor? (Expense resources, for example)?


- Conceptually, is there a reason for a project to work with these two set of costs together?


The Earned Value that Clarity implements seems to work ok when most of the project costs comes from (human) resources, and/or is feasible to have an accurate (and updated) rate matrix on Clarity.

But some cases we can't have this setup, and the costs must be inputted on the financial plan.

I'm looking for an alternative where I can replace assignment costs by financial plan costs on Earned Value calcs, so I won't have to change almost all Accelerators portlets and reports (at least to hide Earned Value fields). In this case, I know I will lose task level information.