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Actuals on projects

Question asked by stephen_floyd on Feb 13, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2014 by Ruthann Spencer

Hi All

We have a problem with the way the actuals on the properties page are displayed. As I can see this field is a locked down field and has calculation built behind it. I tried to find what data table its on from the administration side of Clarity but both column and table fields are blank on the project Object.

The main problem is when Timesheets are posted it gives us the total amount of hours against the project. However if I navigate over to the Project Task page and look at the actuals there, I get  a completely different value. If I run our project Time report (custom made) it displays the same hours recorded as the tasks total.

The fact that I am getting two different figures (tasks actuals being the higher one all the time) would that have something to with timeslices? We moved from 7.5.3 to 12.1.1 in May of 2011 and I think the difference in the hours started then,

Anyone know why there is a difference in the hours on the two fields? has anyone had this problem. We don't deactivate resource accounts only close them for time entry. This way there time remains displayed on the project for historial data reasons. So it that can't be the reason for missing hours. because we all know that if you deactivate a user they disappear as a team member but the time remains displayed on the actuals field.

The datamart is ran each evening so am I missing something?