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Custom GEL Script - Limit to email address recipients?

Question asked by lizmiller217 on Feb 14, 2014
Latest reply on May 19, 2014 by lizmiller217

Does anyone know if there is a limitation to the number of emails Clarity can generate using a custom script? Has anyone encountered issues with using an Outlook distribution list as the intended recipients?

We are utilizing a custom gel script to request response for resource requests for users/group with and without access to Clarity PPM. The email is intended to go to the Clarity Manager and a list of approximately 35 individuals and 3 shared mailboxes. We used a global distribution list vs. hardcoding the email addresses for maintenance reasons. The Clarity Manager receives the email and in the TO: line it shows the global distribution list. When the list is expanded it shows all of the intended recipients in the TO: line however only the Clarity Manager is actually receiving the email.

I have attached the current gel script.

Any assistance would be great!