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How GLPERIOD column in PPA_WIP table gets populated?

Question asked by Matt114 on Oct 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2011 by Chris_Hackett
Hi All,

We believe that GLPERIOD and GLPOSTED columns of PPA_WIP are populated as a result of running Generate Invoice Job.

For some reasons the GLPERIOD column is not getting populated when we run the Generate Invoice Job.

Can anyone help us with info on how this particular column is getting populated ?

Is there any specific settings that need to be done to get this column populated?

Any advise around this area would be much appreciated and very helpful!!!!!!

Note: We are using Standard Rules and not Investment specific Debit rules!!

A Brief explanation of a test we have performed!!

1) We have a project with all Financial Properties filled

2) We have a resource with all the financial properties filled

3) We add the resource in the project.

4) We create a task and assign the task to the resource. Note: Task has a Chargecode

5) We have a standard rule in place which has this chargecode and gl account and the allocation is 100%

6) Project Belong to a department say A

7) Department A is associated with Entity A

8) We have a credit rule in place for the entity A with proper period.

9) The resource enter time for the task assigned to him/her and submits for approval

10) Time entered is aproved

11) We run Post Timesheets Job

12) A transaction is created in PPA_WIP table, we can see the transaction as new transaction in Invalid Transaction link.

13) We run Post Transaction to Financials

14) After the job completes, I am unable to see the transaction in Invalid transaction link.

15) We go to POST TO WIP link and give appropriate date and hit “Apply” and we get the total as 1

16) We click the Post button.

17) We run the Generate Invoice Job and after it gets completed, we could observe the below results

GLPOSTED column in PPA_WIP table is reflecting ‘Y’

GL Period Column in PPA_WIP table is null (This is the issue we face now)

Two columns got created in CBK_GL_TXNS (1 for Debit and 1 for Credit)

Can anyone help us by stating if we have missed any of the required settings?

Or any other reason why GLPERIOD is not getting populated!!!