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Forecasting Based on Roles -->Share your experience

Question asked by sundar on Oct 29, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 21, 2014 by Kathryn_Ellis

we are using the cost plan where it is grouped by charge codes and sub group by trans class.The resources are financially enabled and the Rate matrix is build based on resource financial location and resource class.Each resource are tagged to an trans class in financial properties.Users will do the forecasting based on trans class.

Now we have rolled out the resource demand and supply and our business planning wants the forecast also by roles and resources.They want to forecast by the allocations.(Populate from Staff-->Allocations).

As you know that roles cannot be financially enabled so we are unable to relate it to our current Rate matrix which is defined.i can't create an rate matrix only for roles as we need the Financial Location and resource class.

so we asked our users to choose an trans class which is specifically created for roles and manually entering the cost which is not the business wants.They want the allocated hours to be automatically converted in to cost and appear in the cost plan.They want an single plan where for both resources and roles should be forecasted based on the allocated hours.

so how you are handling the Forecasting based on Roles which involves resource financial.It would be great if you share your experience.