SaaS Versus On-Premise...What Are My Options? (Webcast Series)

Discussion created by John_George Employee on Feb 21, 2014
The growth of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) leads the growth of cloud computing. The SaaS consumption model provides agility and cost efficiencies, in many cases more than traditional methods of consuming software. However, while SaaS is a solid consideration for any cloud computing implementation, there are instances where it’s just not the right fit. This is a problem enterprises must wrestle with right now, as cloud computing continues to gather steam.
Read this new article on the CA Clarity PPM Cookbook and watch the webcast by David Linthicum. In this series, David covers the SaaS versus on-premise decision criteria you should use to make the best selection for your organization. It bypasses the hype and gets right to what you need to consider.
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