IDMS with Informatica - and Journal Questions

Discussion created by cak on Feb 21, 2014
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Hi All.

If anyone has experience with Informatica and IDMS together could they please contact me or at least post here? 

Honestly I don't know if it is a particular person I am getting intomation from or  an Informatica issue - but I am getting information that does not look good. 

I am looking at 2 types of processing, an initial load copying IDMS into an Oracle data store, and then possiblly using the Informatica change data capture.  

I am concerned about horrible performance    ( am NOT talking about IDMS, I am talking about an Informatica process)

 In the one example, it takes 1.8 times longer to process changes from the logger/journal - than clock/elapsed time that the journals covered.  For example it would take 106 minutes to process 60 minutes (of transactions) in the journal.

I am also curious whether Informatica knows - from the journals and before a Call Prog is executed -  whether a transaction is a STORE, MODIFY or ERASE.  

Also how are CONNECT and DISCONNECT represented in the Journal and by Informatica. 

Thanks so much. 

If anyone would care to contact me to share any information - I can be emailed at CAK  at   ASK-CONSULTING.ORG

TIA, Cindy