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Last_updated_date column dropped in 13.3 from PRJ_BLB_SLICES table

Question asked by sparc.helpdesk on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2014 by sundar

Hello All,

We load the Clarity informations to our corporate Business Warehouse Application. On daily basis we load the the timeslice related data (availability, allocations, ETC and actuals) based on a delta load mechanism. We only load the records that are created/ changed in the last 3days to prevent that we have to load all records. We have implemented some
workarounds in the loading logic to ensure records that are deleted from the timeslice tables are also removed in the business warehouse environment.This mechanism works well.

We noticed that the "Last_Updated_Date" column is removed from the PRJ_BLB_Slices table of v13.3, this seriously hampers our loading logic to our business warehouse solution and prevents us to upgrade from 13.0.1 patch 6 to 13.3.

Can any one provide us a solution?
How can we ensure we can continue to identified the last updated date for the
records in the PRJ_BLB_SLICE table?

Thanks and Regards,

Pragya Singh