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Alerts polling Web Service - memory leak ?

Question asked by dave.richards on Feb 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 28, 2016 by Hiko_Davis


Is anyone aware of any memory leak issues using the alerts polling web service functionality ?

We have recently enabled this on production (9.1.4) and test (9.5.2) EMs.

Since we have enabled this functionality we have noticed a clear memory leak that affects the MOM.

Details below........

We do these queries to web service:

We get information about web service and methods which are available over this web service by querying this file:


After we have information about service we do these calls to the methods:

getManagedModules  (we do this every 3 min)

This way we extract all modules which are in status 3 or 2, or it was previously in this status 3 or 2. Then we do following queries for each module:

getAgentSnapshots (we do this every min)

this way we get all agents on which this alert was triggered, then we do queries for alerts on each agent which has alert with status 3 or 2.

getAlertSnapshots(we do this every min)