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Actual Costs Versus ACWP

Question asked by TGuzek on Feb 26, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2014 by another_martink

I have a question that has stumped me and hope that you guys may be able to help.

We are looking at using the Program Functionality in Clarity 13.2 and have been doing some Validation of the #’s that we are seeing in some of the Portlets. The issue isn’t around programs though, but on project data. 

On Some portlets like the "Cost and Schedule Overview" of the "PMO-Program Status" Layout from PMO Accelerator, or the Project List View, we See “Actual Costs (ACWP)” (or Just "ACWP") which we can get to populate through the “Update Cost Totals” Link From Baseline or Task Screens or “Update Earned Value Totals” Job. So we are getting reasonable data being populated.

My Assumption is that this cost should generally match the Actual Cost we see on the Cost Plan Actuals Field or under “Actual Cost“ on the “Hierarchy – Financial Rollup (Basic)” Page, but that is where I am seeing some discrepancies.

In looking at a couple projects that are Labor Only, with all actuals posted through timesheets (we have not imported any Transactions from our GL System) I would expect these Costs to be the same at the same point in time after the “Update Cost Totals” Function is Run for these projects. Yet we are seeing slight differences. Such as

Project       Hierarchy          ACWP          Delta
P1          $    16,080   $     16,050   $          30
P2          $    31,217   $     31,096   $        121

I checked one of them to see if I had a Rate Change occur where the effective date in WIP doesn’t match with what is on the Rate Matrix (WIP was Posted and then the rate matrix was updated but the already posted transactions were not adjusted) but that seems ok.

What am I missing as far as Why these would be different?  Where can I look to help find the delta?