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ReInstall Issue: An Instance of BOE120Tomcat Already running

Question asked by Lowell on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2014 by davitg

I had a failure in the import of the rights for the CABI 3.3 install.  I uninstalled using the instructions and deleted the appropriate Registry entries.

Now, I reinstalled CABI 3.3 and everything looked fine... until I tried to run a report.

In the CMC, I tried to "view" a report and got a Tomcat error.

When I try to get to the Tomcat 6.0.24 Properties on the server, I get an error message "An instance of 'BOE120Tomcat' application is already running".  How do I fix Tomcat?  This is on the CABI 3.3 server.