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SSL configuration for AuthMinder integrated with Siteminder

Question asked by svalluru on Feb 28, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by vasmu03

Hi Team,

I need some assistance in configuring SSL over CA AuthMinder which is integrated with Siteminder. I have a successful integration b/w Siteminder & AuthMinder. I have successfully configured SSL on the AuthMinder side using self-signed certs by following the documentation given in the bookshelf no problems there.

Now I am trying to configure SSL on Authminder using Signed certs, but I am getting an issue when Siteminderagent is trying to post the request to Arcot Statemanager over SSL. Can some share any documentation on how to configure this? so that I can verify my configurations.

Note: On the AuthMinder side I can confirm that SSL configurations using the signed certs is working fine, when I try access https://tomcatserver - is loads fine and I can see the signed certificate in the browser that I imported during the configuration. Hence the issue is coming during the Siteminder agent trying to post the request over SSL to AuthMinder.